Logic Probe - Full Glitz

Logic Probe is a long-standing basement duo out of the folded bathymetry of Puget Sound. With homemade gear and a decade of collaboration, this album shows the two making a playful, unforced form of psychedelic beat music that balances darkness and experimentation while continuously rolling forward into the unknown. Featuring artwork and a remix by Jerry Abstract.

Pleasure Boat Records just released a new album by Seattle duo Logic Probe titled Full Glitz, and you need it... Full Glitz continues Logic Probe's exacting examination of techno's amoeba-like ability to mutate in baffling ways.
                    - Dave Segal, The Stranger 

A fascinating journey into a world made up of freakishly incongruent sonic lines. 10 out of 10.
                    - Armen Tanzanarian

Amazing work from Logic Probe! One of the best IDM albums of 2012. 10 out of 10.
                    - DJ Manos

It's gonna be a while before I get the residue from this one scraped off the inside of my skull!
                    - Justin Byrnes of Cyanwave